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Friday, November 16, 2012

Debian Wireless setup

Well the other day I have a wireless laptop,it was running windows XP Pro. This is a Dell inspiron 600m which I procured brand new. 

I installed Debian which was easy I downloaded an installer ISO and burned it to a CD.  it installed like a breeze,  only problem I had was the wireless was not working.

I then found out what wireless card I had in it by checking the dell service code to see what was installed

I had the Intel Pro Wireless 2200 so with that in hand I searched google and found what I had to do, I then searched and found I had to make sure the wireless tools were installed to do this and it showed up then I typed in the following command in the terminal.

copy and pasted from another website

sudo apt-get install wireless-tools

the command said wireless tools all ready installed
I then went to the the software center under system / administration
found the ipw2x00 drivers and installed, when finished wireless was now working


Monday, October 15, 2012

Data Storage for You

Sitting here working real life, I have lots of time to surf the internet, and found or was given to me a place to check out for data storage or provides a means for Data Storage Solutions.   That place is http://nexsan.com.

Now my thing is what kind of storage do you need, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, or even Long Term bulk Storage, you can find it there.

     Backup and Recovery - Just as it sounds, it will backup your application and all corresponding data so that you can easily recover it.

     Disaster Recovery - If recovery is ever required by your organization, they have simple, fast, ultra-reliable restoration.

     Long Term Bulk Storage - just what it is long term mass storage

with all of these options and more they can provide you with all of your backup and recovery needs


Various OS's

As I sit here working my real life job, I am debating on what to post about

I have three windows 7 computers sitting around me, one xp computer, two Linux computers, one with Debian, and one with Fedora.  The Debian version I put on a laptop the only issue I have is it will not find the wireless card this went on a Dell 600m laptop. The Fedora version went on a desktop again a Dell, and works just fine found the network card in all.

I do like the Linux as it does give a new life to older computers that run 2 slow for normal windows.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well I was browsing the net and found this site; it is an app site for apple products like the ipad, iphone, with all sorts of tools. One of the things they have is an app that tells you what apps your friends are using for their iPhone and iPad. This I don’t know if it is good or not you would have to make you own decision with privacy and all. I wonder if I would want someone to tell my friends what apps I am using I do think that this is for me to do and not someone else. 

Now with hundreds of apps out there it might be a good way to find apps with App Zapp. With AppZapp you will find them;
       Always up to date
       All Sales, and Free Apps
       Detailed information
       And much more

Most importantly what is AppZapp, well lit is a app bargain guide with most of the community in the App Store, it is also offered all all app stores, and in multiple languages. You can look at facebook.com and they are liked by over 8000 people. There is News, Promo’s deals, app of the day and more, check them out.

 I think you can call this site the “AppZapp the App Bargain Guide for the Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad


Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Free Shares

For those that are interested, I am making money at MyFreeShares.com I have just requested pay out and should be getting 15 dollars for the pay out.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

My husband and my taste for cable television could not be more different. I do not know how he watches the shows he watches, or why he even watches them. For example, if that show Cops is on, he will always watch it. I can’t stand that show! It is so trashy, and just overall negative. Why would I want that kind of energy in my home? I don’t like hearing the dialogue of the show at all. I literally have to leave the room when it is on and he doesn’t understand why I hate it so. First of all, I don’t even believe it is legitimate. It is so extreme and far out there, that it seems fake and at the least, egged on. My other thought is, if it is legitimate, why would someone give the tv show permission to air it? I mean, why would you want the whole world to see you getting arrested and in trouble? I really just don’t get it at all. I wish he wouldn’t watch it.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working from Home

Thanks to Olga Quinn

In order to save money, and increase productivity, we are offering our employees a work-from-home two days a week plan. We are looking in to getting T1 Bronx so that home offices will be a mirror of our work offices. I know this option will not be for everyone, especially those with young children at home, or those that feel that would be more productive if they went in to an office. For others, though, they spend almost two hours a day commuting, and this time in the car is wasted. I am a firm believer in family values, and family time together, and if my employees aren’t working, I want them to be able to be with their families, not driving in the car. Research shows that when employees have more time with their families, they are happier and more productive when they are working. Additionally, working from home two days a week would cut back on the car pollution, which is important to me as we hear more and more about Global Warming.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Data Storage Solutions

With 5 computers and not wanting to lose any information on my computer, I have found some data storage systems. The one I am going to talk about is at Nexsan. Here is a list of some of their solutions:

Backup & Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Long-Term Bulk Storage

These are just a few of their data storage systems, there are more. Some of the industries they are in and supporting are:

Financial Service

Again these are just a few and not all industries; we all do need some form of data storage systems.

Support options are always a priority. They have support for you via email, website (next business day) and of course 24/7 phone support. So commitment to you is there number one priority

I can’t tell you what to do for you own data storage systems only you can decide. But you can look around and check out them all, and make the best informed decision you can.


DSL Tip 2

When calling you ISP for help know where your modem is as if you have a connectivity problem we will need to know that lights are lite up on the Modem. Have a Ethernet cable ready to hook you computer up directly to the Modem for troubleshooting it makes it easier. Be prepared to help us troubleshoot your issue. Our goal is to actually get you back online and surfing the internet, not create a trouble ticket to get your service restored, repair tickets are first come first serve with business's taking priority.


Advertising for the 21st Century

I found a great Advertising Agency, which wants to make sure the client, is happy, and productive. A happy client is a busy client, and a busy client is one who’s happy with advertising that is working for them. Those at the Advertising Agency will work for you, just so that you can be happy and busy.

Old media is the new media

This advertising agency is born in the digital, and Internet ages and is our backyard, and they know how it can shape the lives of businesses and consumers. Are you in the prior Century? Well you need to move up to the current Century with you advertising. So you might want to let the Advertising Agency take you into the 21st century along with all the rest of their clients taking all of their clients.

Tracking it all

They have ways at the Advertising Agency that can track your advertising campaign so that you can get the most for your money, if one campaign is not working they will change it up so that you can get the most for your money from day to day, minute to minute. To me it means you will be getting the most for your money. If the advertising isn’t working it doesn’t mean advertising isn’t working for you. It just means it is time for a different strategy, and they will change that strategy,

Their Team

Wanting nothing but the best for their clients, is why they have recruited some of the best, talented pro’s to work your advertising campaign. A Team of pro’s with a laid back atmosphere at the Advertising Agency so that they can reach their true potential and develop your ad campaign with impact. A campaign that will pay you dividends!